ISA Certified Arborist in the San Diego Area


We can deliver mulch to anyone within our San Diego service area. Mulch is fresh, green and delivered upon availability. Unfortunately, we can not guarantee mulch delivery dates or times, but we will provide a courtesy phone call and email prior to delivery. All mulch delivery loads are approximately 7 cubic yards, we can not make adjustments to mulch load sizes.

In addition to wood chips and logs, your load may also contain:

  • A small amount of unchipped brush (less than 5% of the load) to accommodate any rakings at the end of the job that you didn’t want to pass through the chipper.
  • A small amount of trash or small rocks (no more than you could hold in your hands).  Again, this is to accommodate your crew cleaning up the job site.

Thank you for helping us recycle and improve our local ecosystem by keeping SD Green!

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