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Why hire an arborist?

An arborist specializes in the art and science of planting, caring for, and maintaining all species of trees. Arborists are educated and aware of the needs of trees and have the required skills and equipment to provide proper care. Properly maintained trees are aesthetically pleasing, increasing the value of your home. Neglected trees are unattractive and can be hazardous or unsafe. Pruning or removing trees can be dangerous work and you should hire a professional to complete the project safely. Only certified arborists who have experience working safely in trees should be considered.

What is a certified arborist?
Certified Arborists are specialists that have achieved a recognized professional level of knowledge in the art and science of tree care and have passed a comprehensive examination developed by the nation’s leading experts in the industry. Certified Arborists must also continue their education to maintain their certification and adhere to a stringent Code of Ethics. Certification is the process through which professionals can measure the knowledge and the competence required to provide proper tree care.
How to choose an arborist in San Diego?

It is important to check for ISA arborist certification. Certified Arborists are experienced professionals who have passed an extensive exam which covers all aspects of tree care. To maintain certification, arborists must earn Continued Education Units by completing exams, attending professional seminars, or donating their services to affiliated organizations. Check for membership in professional organizations such as the International Society of Arboriculture, Tree Care Industry Association, and the American Society of Consulting Arborists. Such memberships demonstrate a commitment on the part of the arborists to stay current on techniques and safety information.

Why hire a licensed contractor for tree service?

Contractors are required to pass both a law and trade exam to become licensed in the state of California. They are also required to carry a State Bond, and Workers Compensation and Liability Insurance. They must be legal citizens of the United States and have passed a thorough criminal background check. To maintain a current standing license, all of the required bonds and insurances must be up-to-date. For your protection, only hire licensed contractors! It is important to verify the status of a contractor’s license at

Do you offer 24-hour Emergency Tree Service?

In the event of an emergency situation, Coastal Tree Care is on call and equipped to provide you with an immediate solution.

The force from a storm can easily overcome the strength of a trees limbs or roots. Preventative measures before storms such as pruning can avoid or minimize damage.

Why do trees need to be trimmed?

You can help maintain your trees’ health by removing dead, diseased and broken or unstable branches. This makes the tree safe for your family and property.

Correct tree trimming and pruning procedures create and maintain a strong tree structure, preventing safety hazards such as low growing branches and growth forms subject to storm damage near a sidewalk, driveway or structure. Pruning also can be done for aesthetic reasons, such as increasing the amount of sunlight onto your property or improving a view. Pruning during the dormant season, which is usually winter, is ideal because it reveals the architecture of the tree and creates less debris.

When should I prune my trees?

Light pruning to remove a few small branches from trees can be done at any time of year. More extensive pruning should be done from late winter to early spring. Pruning wounds close faster when completed prior to new shoots emerging. Also, there are fewer insects and disease spores to infest pruning cuts during this time. Deciduous trees that flower before the end of spring should be pruned as soon as possible after flowering is completed. Deciduous trees that flower after May should be pruned in early spring. Flowering evergreens should be pruned in the spring and all conifers should be pruned during the winter to reduce the sap from bleeding.

Who should prune my trees?

Only qualified professionals such as a certified arborist who is a fully-insured, licensed contractor should be considered to complete a project at your home or business. Unqualified individuals risk harming your trees, injuring themselves, or damaging your property in which case you could be held liable.

When is tree removal necessary?

Trees are one of our most valuable assets, so removal is definitely a last resort. A certified arborist should conduct a thorough inspection to determine whether or not removal is the proper solution. Removal would most likely be required if the tree presents a hazard or is damaged or diseased beyond repair. Often times pruning, fertilization and irrigation improve the health of a tree and may eliminate the need for removal.

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