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We’ll Keep Your Majestic Palms Looking Beautiful!

Palm Tree Pruning San DiegoAs tree professionals experienced in caring for all varieties, our services also include palm tree pruning. Are you looking to remove decaying or diseased fronds that are attracting pests? Do some branches appear weak and likely to fall on a building during high winds? Is visibility obstructed by some palms on your property?

Our ISA-certified arborists use modern equipment to get the job done with minimal disruption to your routine. We will keep your trees healthy and vibrant in all seasons. Property owners and managers across the San Diego area rely on our expert palm tree pruning service to ensure their premises are free from pests, tree diseases and hazardous branches.

We provide the following palm tree trimming and maintenance services:

  • Pruning: Improper cutting makes palms susceptible to disease and weather damage. Our crew has extensive knowledge and experience to carefully remove dead fronds, fruits, seeds and boots that impact healthy growth.
  • Maintenance: With proper care, your palms will beautify your commercial landscape for years to come. If you notice browning, it typically signifies a lack of water and essential nutrients. Using proven treatments and the right watering and mulching techniques, we prevent yellowing and decay of fronds. Tailored to your budget and arbor care needs, our annual tree management plans will help streamline your maintenance costs.
  • Transplanting: Do you need to remove a tree to improve visibility or because it is too close to power lines? Moving it successfully requires knowledge of its unique root structure and transplanting techniques. We will move it safely to its new home without any damage to the roots or the surrounding landscape.
  • Tree removal: Do you need to clear a fallen tree? We use special equipment to grind stumps and leave behind a neat, clean space.
  • Tree selection: With over 3,000 species of palms, it can be challenging to select the right ones for your property. We help you choose the perfect trees and planting spots based on available space, local climate, soil quality and sunlight patterns.
  • Emergency services: When you need immediate assistance with broken branches or falling trees, trust us to respond promptly and take steps to keep your property safe.

Prompt and Experienced Palm Tree Service

Beautiful palm trees are a valuable natural asset. However, keeping them healthy and attractive requires knowledge and ongoing effort. Whether you need planting advice, long-term maintenance, disease management or tree removal, you can rest assured that you are in good hands with our team. We strictly adhere to ISA-approved standards.

Coastal Tree Care is certified by the Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA). We serve customers across the San Diego area, including those in La Jolla, Del Mar, Pacific Beach, Rancho Santa Fe and Coronado. 

Call us at 619-847-4225 to book a consultation or contact us online to learn more about our palm tree pruning service in the San Diego area.