ISA Certified Arborist in the San Diego Area

Tree Trimming San Diego

Efficient Tree Trimming for San Diego Properties

Expert Care by ISA-Certified Arborists and Tree Surgeons

With specialized training and the latest equipment, our crew trims your trees efficiently. Hire us to keep your San Diego property looking fresh and vibrant in every season. We offer expert care for your ornamental, heritage, and fruit trees. Utilizing environmentally friendly methods, our ISA-certified arborists optimize growth cycles and ensure overall tree wellness. Property owners and managers across the San Diego area count on our tree trimming expertise and annual maintenance.

Our Tree Trimming Services Include:

  • Pruning: Correct pruning using the right tools and techniques improves the look and health of your trees. It also reduces the risk of cracked, dead, and falling branches. From crown reduction to the removal of diseased, broken, and conflicting branches, canopy restoration, and aesthetic pruning, we help improve the appearance, growth, and flowering and fruit-bearing capacity of the trees in your landscape.
  • Insect and disease control: Left unchecked, tree pests and diseases can pose serious health and safety concerns. With effective non-toxic remedies and annual tree wellness plans, we help you maintain disease-free trees.
  • Tree removal and relocation: Trees that are overgrown, weak or in the wrong location can injure people, damage property, and interfere with utility lines. We follow ISA standards for tree transplanting, hazardous tree removal, and stump grinding. You can depend on our tree surgeons to remove them safely and efficiently.
  • Arborist reportsAre you looking for ways to reduce your yearly tree care costs? Our ISA-certified arborists will be happy to advise you on basic tree care, tree inventories, and storm damage restoration to streamline your annual tree maintenance budgets.
  • Emergency tree services: When you have a situation that needs immediate attention, our staff will assess your tree care requirements and provide fast, effective solutions to minimize any damage.

Reduce Tree Trimming Costs with Our Annual Plans

Annual tree health plans from Coastal Tree Care can help keep your golf course, business, HOA, school campus, and government landscapes looking vibrant and attractive throughout the year. These customized maintenance programs can cover established pruning cycles, applications, and specific treatments to improve the health of your trees.

We are certified by the Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA). Residential and commercial property owners and managers in San Diego, La Jolla, Del Mar, Pacific Beach, Rancho Santa Fe, and Coronado, California rely on us to maintain healthy trees and an attractive landscape.


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