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Del Mar

Comprehensive Tree Care Services in the Del Mar Area

Expert Care by ISA-Certified Arborists for Your Commercial Property

Tree Moving Company San DiegoCoastal Tree Care offers a range of tree services to keep your Del Mar commercial property lush and attractive. While your building structure may be outstanding, there is nothing more aesthetically pleasing than a surrounding landscape that boasts healthy trees. We offer a variety of services for your arboricultural needs managed by our ISA-certified arborists. Property management teams across the Del Mar area depend on us for tree care services by a knowledgeable team at affordable prices.

Del Mar’s climate is enviable and inviting. The Mediterranean-subtropical weather promotes warm, dry summers and mild, humid winters; a perfect environment for the rare Torrey Pine to grow. Residents also plant a variety of species such as Cedar of Lebanon, Pineapple Guava, or Australian Tea Tree, to soften the impact of urban development and enhance their property values. Additionally, these plants give visitors and residents alike a connection to nature in the middle of the city. We can help you choose the best trees to fit the local climate and layout of your commercial premises.

Del Mar hosts the annual Del Mar Horse Races. It is also a popular location known for a variety of screen personalities, like Tony Hawk the skateboarder and business entrepreneur. The Beach Boys’ song Surfin’ USA lists Del Mar as its first surfing location. Commercial property owners in the area know that maintaining a strong curb appeal not only keeps property values up but also encourages repeat visitors. Coastal Tree Care can help you keep your business, school campus, HOA, golf course, and government landscapes looking vibrant and attractive with our annual tree health care plans.

Our Tree Care Services Include:

  • Pruning: Proper pruning is essential to the overall health of your trees. We have the training, tools and experience to remove dead, damaged, or diseased branches in a timely manner, thus allowing your trees to thrive.
  • Insect and disease control: If a tree is defoliating, it loses its ability to produce food, leading to stunted growth. We manage pest infestations and tree disease without harming the environment by using non-toxic remedies. Our arborists are happy to discuss our year-round tree wellness plans and explain the benefits of our programs.
  • Tree removal and relocation: We only recommend tree removal as a last resort for dead or dangerous trees. You can depend on our skilled crew to use the right equipment and follow ISA standards for tree transplanting, hazardous tree removal, and stump grinding.
  • Arborist reports: Our ISA-certified arborists can help keep your tree care budget in the black with expert recommendations for keeping your property clean, safe, and attractive. As experienced tree doctors, you can trust our knowledge and suggestions for basic tree care, storm damage assessments, tree inventories, and restoration.
  • Emergency tree services: When an emergency strikes, our dedicated team responds quickly to assess the immediate needs and keep your commercial property safe from cracked branches, dead trees, and fallen trees. 

We are certified by the Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA). Residential and commercial property managers in the Del Mar area depend on us to help maintain the trees on their urban landscapes.

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