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Comprehensive Tree Care Services in Rancho Santa Fe

ISA-Certified Arborists Serving Your Commercial Property

At Coastal Tree Care, we provide a range of commercial tree services to help you maintain an attractive and healthy landscape. From pruning and disease control to tree removal and assistance with property development permits, our ISA-Certified arborists efficiently manage all your arboricultural needs. Property owners and managers across Rancho Santa Fe rely on our tree care expertise for cost-effective maintenance.

The warm climate of Rancho Santa Fe supports the growth of some of California’s best ornamental trees. From the pink flame to the western redbud, golden medallion, red coral and evergreen shade trees, there are plenty of tree choices to help your commercial property make a great impression. Keeping in mind the temperature fluctuations and drought-like conditions, we will advise you on how to maintain a vibrant, water-efficient landscape with the right selection and care for your trees.

Rancho Santa Fe is a community defined by landmark buildings designed by eco-conscious architect Lillian Rice. The Inn, Hilton House and the Original Rancho Santa Fe Garden Club are some structures that stand out. Residential and commercial property owners in this area are very conscious of curb appeal. You can count on our tree company to help your coastal landscape thrive. Corporate and educational campuses, retail and service properties, HOAs and apartments, golf courses, and municipalities, choose our annual tree health care plans to keep their trees and landscape in great shape.

Our Tree Care Services Include:

  • Pruning: We carefully remove dead, diseased, damaged, weak and conflicting branches to promote tree health, improve scenic views and enhance visibility of street and traffic signs.
  • Insect and disease control: We control pest infestation and tree disease with proven, eco-friendly treatments and year-round tree wellness plans. Talk to our arborists and we can explain the benefits of our programs.
  • Tree removal and relocation: You can trust that we will use the right equipment and follow ISA standards for tree transplanting, hazardous tree removal and stump grinding.
  • Arborist reports: Manage your tree care budget with expert recommendations from our experienced arborists. From tree inventories to basic tree care, storm damage assessments and restoration, and emergency tree services, we help keep your property safe, tidy and attractive.
  • Annual maintenance programs: Our annual tree care plans can help boost tree health and lifespan. These programs cover established pruning cycles, applications and treatments to improve the health of specific trees, and removal of hazardous or diseased trees. Rather than pay for individual services, you can enroll in a cost-effective program to cover tree services through the year. 

Coastal Tree Care is certified by the Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA). Residential and commercial property managers in Rancho Santa Fe depend on our professional tree services to keep their landscapes attractive. Here are some testimonials from our clients.

Phone 619-847-4225 to book a consultation or contact us online to ask about our tree care service in Rancho Santa Fe.